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Scan printed images wherever they show up

Anywhere an image is in print or displayed, for example a magazine, billboard, bus stop etc... CRAVE VMR allows you simply scan the image to launch an almost endless amount of possibilities. No click shopping, other colors, gallery of images, videos, where to find that look and more. You can think of it as making the actual image or video a QR code but with endless options.


Take advantage of the hottest ways to communicate

Same benefits of Interacting with images, with the easy of useing virtually any app on your mobile device. From Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Instagram, Google images, Gmail and more.


The best way to get the most out of videos

Videos are probably the most engaging way to consume content. With CRAVE VMR, videos can do the same as images, the sky is the limit! Product placement income, buy instantly what the actor is wearing, book a vacation to that remote island. Make your videos and images exponentially more valuable with CRAVE VMR!

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